It’s Been 2 Weeks Already?!

14 08 2011

I’ve been in Norway for about two weeks now and feel that I am pretty well adjusted for the most part.  Tomorrow, the International Student Orientation Week starts and I can’t wait to meet other international students that are also new to Oslo! Up until this point, I have had free time to explore my surroundings and get to know the city.  This past week I met up with another American student who has been here for the summer and is staying for the fall semester as well; since she had free time as well, we got together and saw a lot of the city.

One of the first sights I took in was the Oslo Opera House. It is right on the water and is designed so that you can walk up to the roof and look out over Oslo. After the Opera House we walked along the water front, saw part of the fortress, and enjoyed some ice cream.

I also took an afternoon to do some exploring around Karl Johans Gate, which is the main street in downtown Oslo that has a lot of sights and shops.  I started right behind the National Theatre and walked up to the Royal Palace and strolled through the palace grounds. Unfortunately when I was leaving the palace grounds, my camera battery went dead. Guess I’ll just have to go back to get all the pictures I need! 😉

Since this was my last weekend before things get started at the university, I took a bus to Arendal to visit a friend that I had met back at UND. Arendal is a costal town southwest of Oslo and the bus ride only takes about 4 hours.  It was neat getting to see another town in Norway other than Oslo as well as getting to see a more residential, family life side of things.  My friend’s dad works for the air ambulance in Arendal so I was fortunate enough to get a ride in their helicopter and enjoy Arendal from the air! It was beautiful getting to see the trees, mountains, houses, buildings, and sea from above and was definitely the highlight of my weekend! 🙂

I’m looking forward to the Orientation Week starting tomorrow and to continue to discover all the things that Oslo and Norway have to offer me!




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