26 09 2011

Last week, one of my best friends from the US came to visit me! She was only here for less than a week, but we made sure that she got a full Norwegian experience! First thing on the agenda, other than taking the metro to drop off luggage, was SHOPPING! (We’re girls, what do you expect?) She was determined to look “Norwegian” and find a Norwegian sweater. Mission: accomplished. (times 2, even!) While shopping we also did some sightseeing around Karl Johans gate and the National Theater.

That night we went out to Oslo’s Ice Bar. As the name implies, it is a bar made of ice! It was a little pricey for a cover charge, but it included one free drink ticket, and was definitely worth it just for the experience. They let people in every hour and you can only be in the bar for 45 minutes since it’s so cold; but they do give you really attractive, blue parkas to wear while you’re in there.

The next day we got up to do some more exploring before leaving Oslo. That afternoon we took a bus to Arendal to see some friends that we knew from UND. Along the way we picked up one of our other friends who gave us a quick Norwegian lesson on the ride. We had a great weekend spending time in a Norwegian household and eating Norwegian food. They made sure my friend tried all sorts of Norwegian food, like brown cheese, nugatti, and a bacon cheese topping.

The next day, our friend took us around the town and gave us a little tour before stopping at his dad’s place of work: the hospital. His dad is a paramedic on the air ambulance. So that afternoon we got to go for a flight in the helicopter and get a bird’s eye view of the city. I got to do this last time I went to visit him, too! How lucky can one girl get?! Two flights in a helicopter! 🙂

When we got back to Oslo the next day, we had just enough time to run to my apartment, grab some food, and head to the stadium near my student village. We met a couple more friends at the stadium and watched a soccer match. I had never been to a soccer game before, but was very impressed! I can see why they love it so much! And it was entertaining just to watch and listen to the crowd.

Today, I had class in the morning, but my friend explored some more before we met up for lunch and took a boat around the harbor. Tonight we went out for kebabs and I took her grocery shopping so she could buy all the necessary Norwegian goodies before leaving tomorrow.

I had a great time this past week and it was fun to have a visitor from home come experience some of Norway with me! Enjoy the photos!




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