7 11 2011

Last week was somewhat uneventful compared to my weekend in Copenhagen. It was filled with classes, shopping, restocking on fruits and veggies from Grønland, and the weekly grocery trip. 

I’ve been getting all my fruits and vegetables from a little store over in Grønland, which is a more international part of the city. When I first discovered how inexpensive, yet high quality the produce is in Grønland, I was thrilled; up until then I had only seen the produce prices in the grocery stores, which are not pleasant. But lately, I’ve really started to dread my trips to Grønland and for a few reasons. The customers are extremely rude – and not just vocally, but physically, too; I’m surprised I haven’t gotten bruised yet. Wh ile standing outside trying to pick out produce, customers or their baskets are constantly hitting each other. They don’t mind shoving others out of their way! Sometimesthey will be “nice” and say “unnskyld” (excuse me). All of that doesn’t happen just outside, it’s also just like that inside the store. The aisles are wide enough for only one person, so you can imagine how well that works out when everyone is in a hurry which is all the time at this place. Once in the check out line, things sometimes calm down for a few minutes, but  it’s a race to get things bagged and get out of there as soon as possible! While I still enjoy the prices of the produce there, it has definitely made me miss and appreciate the spacious stores, usually friendly peers, and customer service that we enjoy in most of our U.S. stores. Whether I enjoy going there or not, it is always entertaining to see how far some people go to get their produce as quick as possible. 

Something less stressful that I did last week was go to the National Gallery again for my Norwegian Art History Class. This was our second time visiting the museum, and this time we focused on Edvard Munch. One of his most well-known paintings is the Scream, which is housed in the National Gallery.  While we were there we also got to go into the study room. Anyone can go in this room if they simply ask, and then they can take closer looks at the hundreds of prints the museum has. During our time in the study room, we got to see some of Munch’s original prints. While he was working on paintings, he would test out his themes and ideas while making prints. The prints allowed him to perfect his paintings as well as serve as a source of income while he worked on his paintings. We saw about 2o of his prints and we even got to pass them around the table so that we could have an up close view. Not many people can say they’ve held an original Edvard Munch print. 🙂 After the study room, we went up to the Munch room and analyzed all of his paintings that are housed there before continuing on to seeing paintings from the late 1800s-early 1900s. Strangely, that was our last class meeting for the semester. Now we have until the beginning of December to study for the exam – much different than how classes are set up in the U.S. 

This week will definitely be much more entertaining than last week since I am flying to Ireland on Wednesday. I will be there until next Monday. So look for next week’s blog that will be filled with all things Irish!

Ha en fin uke! 🙂




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