Dublin: Where the Craic is Mighty!

22 11 2011

Here’s the post all about my stay in Dublin!

After a couple of days of traveling around Ireland on my own, a couple friends of mine arrived in Dublin. Before we all had left Oslo, we had gotten together and planned exactly what we wanted to see during our time in Dublin. First up on Saturday was Christ’s Church Cathedral followed by a walk through the Temple Bar neighborhood. Around noon we did some shopping and explored around O’Connell Street and the Spire.

That afternoon, we headed to the Guinness Storehouse, one of Dublin’s biggest tourist attractions. The brewery itself is huge, but we were just in the storehouse building. There we went on a self guided tour through all the floors that explains the process of brewing Guinness as well as the history of Guinness. I really enjoyed the tour; the information was set up in a simple, easy to understand way and had a lot of fun facts spread throughout, too. When we were finished with the tour we grabbed a bite to eat at one of the restaurants located there. After eating lunch, we went up to the top floor where the Gravity Bar is. Here you get an amazing view of the city and fortunately for us, the weather was great so we could see for miles!

Once we left Guinness, we made a quick stop at our hostel before going to the Old Jameson Distillery, which was right around the corner from where we were staying. The old distillery wasn’t quite as large as Guinness, but the tour was amazing! This tour was led by a guide who was hilarious! Anytime he could, he would squeeze in a joke; I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much on only an hour long tour! Our guide was also very knowledgable and the tour itself was informative and interesting, but mostly memorable because of our tour guide!

By the time we were done at the Old Jameson Distillery, it was time to head back to the Temple Bar area to meet up for our Musical Pub Crawl Tour! This was another tour that I had found online and my friends and I decided to book it since it was only about $15 per person. It was advertised that it would give insight to traditional Irish music and tradition and be led by two authentic Irish musicians. We met up with our musicians/guides and made our way to the first pub. Here we all sat down and the musicians went right to “work”! They, once again, were cracking jokes left and right! They were so funny! I’m not sure if most Irish people are this humorous or if we just were lucky with the tour guides we got. These guys knew so much about the traditions of Irish music and were great musicians also! They played all sorts of songs, playing their instruments as well as singing. You could tell that they were having a good time and I think that made the rest of us enjoy ourselves even more. And, man, did they have stories! I think they told us stories as much as they played music! We were at the first pub for about an hour before walking to another one. At this pub, they asked for volunteers to sing a little tune from their home country, since traditional Irish music is mostly about sharing music and getting music from others. Unfortunately, my friends and I were either too “chicken” to get up and sing or couldn’t think of an appropriate song to impress them with, probably both. 🙂 Overall, the pub crawl was great fun and very entertaining!

Sunday morning we went to a beautiful park called St. Stephen’s Green and just walked around, taking in the scenery and nice weather. Afterwards, we walked up the popular shopping street, Grafton Street, that led us to Trinity College. We ended up deciding to do the guided tour at the college, and thank goodness we did! We had a student tour guide had dropped out of architecture school after 5 years and then transferred to Trinity College and made fun of himself for it every chance he got. Once again, we got the funny tour guide! I’m not sure if all their tours are this funny, but I wish that tour would have lasted all day! These Irish tour guides were fabulous! Our tour stopped outside of the library, where we went in to see the Book of Kells. We checked out the whole exhibit on the Book of Kells and walked through the actual library itself.

We then made a quick stop for some delicious coffee and a sandwich and went to see one of the museums. Museums in Dublin are great since the majority of them have free admission. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see them all, but we did fit in the National Museum of Archaeology so we could see the Bog Bodies that they have on display. The pictures aren’t exactly pretty so I’ll let you google the Bog Bodies if you’re interested in seeing them. 🙂

After the museum, we walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The sun was just setting as we got there, so we were able to get a couple nice pictures with the sunset sky. We roamed around the inside of the cathedral for awhile before heading out to find a place to eat. We weren’t really in the mood for supper, but decided to “ruin” our appetites and get crepes instead. (It was vacation so we could have dessert first :)) The crepe place we went to was right next to Temple Bar and the crepes were amazing. Mine had Nutella, strawberries, and whip cream. Sugar coma, I know; I couldn’t even finish the whole thing! But it was delicious! That night we were all so tired that we called it a night early and went back to the hostel and watched a movie that they were playing.

Monday morning we had to check out of our hostel and had to carry all of our stuff with us. Therefore, we weren’t really in the walking and exploring mood. Instead, we found a cute restaurant to grab breakfast at. It was a great bargain and offered a great view for people watching. 🙂 We hung around the O’Connell Street area before catching a bus to the airport and flying back to good ol’ Olso!




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22 11 2011

sounds like you had a good guided tour of Dublin,It’s a great city to walk about in.One of my favorite Irish pubs is by St. Stephen’s Green,called O”Donoghues,It’s famous for being the hangout for the Dubliners.God bless Luke Kelly.The best times to visit is during the off season as it fills up quickly during the peak season.If you visit Ireland again and you go it alone,remember to practice proper Pub etiquette.I always liked the smaller less traveled Pubs,maybe next time you can head out to Bray and have a jar of guinness in the harbor bar.

22 11 2011

Ah yes, O’Donoghues was suggested by our musical pub crawl tour guides as a great place for “sessions”, unfortunately, we didn’t find the time to go there. Next time I’m in Dublin I’ll have to check it out!

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