Tourist Tuesday

29 11 2011

This week my friend, Paolina, and I finally got back to some good ol’ touristy things! 🙂

Yesterday after my Norwegian class, we made our way up to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump for some “Tourist Monday” activities. The ski jump was opened in 2010 and is about 60 meters high, and it is massive! We had visited the jump back at the end of August, but the lift to take us to the top was under construction. We had been planning on going back for awhile now since the construction ended, but waited until a day with good enough weather. And thank goodness we waited. The views of Oslo and the harbor are fantastic from the top of the ski jump!

The admission for the jump tower also includes the admission for the ski museum that is closer to the base of the jump. The museum covers a lot of different topics related to skiing from the history of skiing in Norway to the Royal Family skiing to handicap skiing and other winter sports. The end of the museum leads to a cute little gift shop that also has all things Norway. I was really excited to check this site off of my list since we had already been there once and were tempted by the jump, but weren’t able to go to the top the first time! I definitely recommend going to Holmenkollen if you’re ever in Oslo!

Today we had a real “Tourist Tuesday!” Me and a couple other friends went to the Munch Museum. After learning all about Edvard Munch and his paintings in my art history class, I really wanted to check out the museum devoted to all of his art work. And as a bonus, since we waited until the off season to visit, admission was free! It’s very hard to find anything for free in Norway, so us college students were excited to find that out. The museum normally displays Munch’s more well known works of art, but right now there is an exhibition just on his paintings that are in the festival hall in the University of Oslo’s Law Building. We had mostly looked at his other works in class and at the National Gallery, so even though we didn’t know much about the paintings we saw, it was cool to check out some more of his lesser known works.

Tomorrow is my last class of the semester, and after that it’s just finals left for this girl! I have my Norwegian Life & Society final as well as my Norwegian Art History final on Friday. Needless to say, this week will be quite uneventful, filled with lots and lots of reading and studying!




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